• "The Signature Series" Dog Training Lessons Description: This DVD is over four hours of Ron Pace’s seminar “Signature Series” ten lessons. He shows you what you can do with a ten week old puppy and then goes through all ten lessons with several adult dog’s all in one day. Stay home and enjoy watching his valuable training program anytime.
  • Written by Ron Pace Want a happy dog that can truly be a member of the family? In just 3 to 4 weeks you can establish a valuable lifetime connection with your dog, using Ron Pace's proven training method-a progressive series of 10 short lessons for you and your dog. This book has over 150 color photo's to help guide you step by step. No Return No Refund Policy.
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    The Perfect Gift for you and your best friend!
  • This 40 minute DVD is our 10 ½ hour signature series lessons. Ron demonstrates these lessons to help take you through the basics of laying a foundation with your canines. We use this video with each of our new clients that start our training program. It helps them to review and prepare for their lessons.
  • Featuring master dog trainer and author Ron Pace. In this video, Ron will do temperament testing on a litter of 7 1/2 week old German Shepherd Puppies.


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