All Breed Obedience Training

This class is for the everyday dog owner who is interested in having a greater level of communication with their dog. Ron’s one-on-one individualized approach is unique to an industry which generally practices large group classes on a weekly basis… classes that lack the personal instruction to deal with individual traits and personalities that each breed and owner possesses.

Some may tell you that group classes are better because it gives you distractions. We believe when you are concentrating on precision techniques it is important not to have something distracting you. It is not until you understand what to do that we then create the distraction first privately with one dog then in a group with twenty dogs. We also believe that you will greatly benefit from the lessons being scheduled four days in a row the first week.

We set it up this way because if you had only one lesson the first week and were told to practice for the rest of the week, your dog may start misbehaving within a day or two. You will not know how to correct their behavior and you could end up practicing the wrong way for a week and not even realize it.

The class will teach you how to show your dog direction in a positive way without striking or anger, and will emphasize consistency and patience. Your ten half-hour private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience (between 9am and 6:30pm) The most effective way is by taking four lessons the first week (Monday thru Thursday, the next 3 weeks consists of two lessons per week -you can do a Monday and a Wednesday or a Tuesday and a Thursday. By setting up a more frequent schedule, it allows the dog owner to retain the information better and makes it much easier on the dog and owner.

The following is what the average person can expect to learn in the three weeks of private lessons.

  • Three different way of walking your dog on leash without any pulling or jumping on you or anyone else.
  • We will cover all the downing, sitting, and staying with voice and hand signals.
  • You will be able to call your dog back to you off leash under distraction on your first command and eliminate the chase game they sometimes like to play.
  • We will teach a command that will turn your dog away from whatever he/she may want to touch with their nose. This includes things you never want them to touch (no command)
  • You will learn how to set up temporary and permanent boundaries.
  • We will take away any interest your dog has to want to make contact with other dogs unless you introduce them on your terms.

After we lay this foundation we can then cover any type of problems such as:

¤ Digging ¤ Chewing ¤ Barking ¤ Confidence Building ¤ Jumping ¤ Fighting ¤ Aggressive behavior towards humans or other animals ¤ and more…

Once you complete the 10 private lessons you can participate in our group classes that are generally held twice a month on Saturday mornings. These classes are held for you to go further in your training. One group class is included with our training course and after that there is a small charge per group class.

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