Darlene’s Story2017-11-22T22:22:56-08:00

Mike Neill2017-10-26T21:12:03-07:00

Ron –

Thanks for all your help, patience and expert advise.

Mike Neill

Mark W. Merod, Deputy Sheriff2017-10-26T18:33:41-07:00

Dear Ron,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank-you for the help in locating K9 Lobo for me and the assistance in my training about two years ago.

After diligently searching for that “just right ” K9 partner and about forty dogs later, I was turned on to your expertise by other police canine handlers in the area. I contacted you and expressed my needs to you in a K9 partner. Within a month I received that phone call from you that you’d found that partner for me. When I went to your kennels to view that K9 candidate for me, I knew instantly he was the dog for me.

I took K9 Lobo home with me that night and began the bonding process with him that makes us inseparable today. Though I trained with several other police K9 trainers, I still returned to your facility for specific training those other trainers couldn’t provide. You helped me tremendously in fine-tuning K9 Lobo into the success that he has proven to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office and the community he serves. Still, two years later, when I run into behavior problems with K9 Lobo I turn to the techniques I was taught by you in the beginning. That basic foundation in training is something not only I employ with K9 Lobo, but also with other agencies and handlers I currently train with. Often, when suggesting some of your techniques to these other K9 handlers and their dogs I’m asked “where did you learn that”. The techniques work and have been passed on to other handlers as well. Yes, I even give you the credit some of the time!
To date, Lobo has been responsible for fifty-plus felony captures and no doubt has been a deterrent to other potential volatile situations by his presence at the scene of various situations. When I’m asked by the general public where they can get training for their dog, I always refer them to your training facility because I know they’ll be satisfied.
I have enclosed a photo of Lobo and myself. I’m very pleased with the finished K9 Team you helped to mold, as well should you. Thanks Ron for all your help in the past and in the future.


Mark W. Merod, Deputy Sheriff
Mason County Sheriff’s Office

Bruce & K-9 Ryker2017-12-02T17:19:55-08:00

Jeri Lynn Vosburgh2017-10-26T18:29:38-07:00

When I made the decision to go into training dogs, I did some serious research around where to learn this art. Having gone thru some dog obedience training before with my own dogs, I knew that there were many techniques and philosophies around training. Not only are there many approaches to dog training, there are just as many ways that a person can receive this knowledge.

I appreciated that you were open and willing to talk to me about the training, letting me know your expectations and what I could expect from the course. When visiting you, to talk about the possibility of taking your course, I was impressed with the facility, your professionalism, and your obvious love and caring about dogs. I was most impressed with the fact that you were interviewing me as much as I was interviewing you; sizing me up to see if I had the personality, direction, and the right desire to go into this line of work. It was obvious that you did not automatically take on just anyone who was interested in dog obedience training; whether I met the guidelines or not, I really respected your commitment to excellence.

Being a person who learns by “hands-on” experience, I was very grateful that this was your approach in teaching. Your knowledge is vast and I feel fortunate in having had the opportunity to learn from the best. Your belief that you teach the owner to communicate with their dog, setting foundations and stressing that this is a life commitment to being a good dog owner, is important.

I feel blessed with the gift that you have given me and want to thank you!

Jeri Lynn Vosburgh
Tacoma, WA

Rita Walsh2017-10-26T18:30:15-07:00

I have been a dog owner for several years and I became interested in dog training in 1983. I began taking dog obedience lessons but was not totally satisfied with the knowledge or the technique of the instructor. Then in 1985 I went to Ron Pace at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center for obedience training. Ron’s enthusiasm and professionalism immediately impressed me. After training under Ron, I developed a desire to begin instructing others in training their dogs. I apprenticed under Ron for over three months and became proficient in all aspects of training and instructing.

I started my own business later in 1985 and have been helping others train their dog’s ever since. I have worked with over 100 dog’s of many different breed’s and with many different problems. Because of Ron’s excellent training, I have been very successful in this business. My clients are very happy with my work and I have more requests for training than I have time for.

I attribute my success to the excellent foundation of knowledge that I received from Ron Pace. I could not have picked a better role model or teacher.

Rita Walsh
Colorado Springs, CO

Cara Putnam2017-10-26T18:30:50-07:00

Over the past six years I have completed your dog training course with both of my dogs and found that the experience ignited a childhood passion of mine; working with dogs. In a not so odd turn of events, I found my position as a Corporate Trainer eliminated and I was faced with having to find another job. I became interested in combining my experience in training people with my love of dogs and knew that you offered an instructor course that would put me in a position to become a dog trainer and start my own business.

Before and during my participation in your program I contacted almost every trainer/training facility listed in the phone book to compare and contrast methods and to look for opportunities to become a certified dog trainer. First of all, I found a variety of training methods out there that were “squishy” and maybe more for the owner who just wanted to have fun. Your method on the other hand is natural, basic and perfect for owners who want to be able to have control of their dog in any situation. In other words – training for the real world. In addition, I found that no one offered an instructor program as comprehensive and practical as yours. The few places that have an instructor program offer months of theoretical learning followed by a short apprenticeship phase.

I also found a program (offered by a well-advertised behavior college) that seemed very comprehensive at first glance – it even had an 800-page textbook! Upon closer examination I found that the program was designed to be completed within 60 weeks, most topics provided in an in-home study format and, that the actual hands on “apprenticeship phase” at the end would only include 15 hours to 3 weeks of actually working with a mentor, observing and participating in lessons with dogs. As a trainer I know that adults need a context within which to learn that you can’t find in a textbook and we need hands on experience to master a new skill. I found the hands on approach I was looking for at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center. Your program is also unique in that it taught me not only how to train dogs but also, how to instruct others how to train their own dogs. This will allow me to be more marketable and grow my business in a broader scope.

Once I started your Instructor Course I realized that training my own dogs and training someone else to train their dog were two totally different things. For that reason your one-on-one apprenticeship approach was right on target for me because this kind of training is very specific and unique. The most valuable part of the training was the many hours you provided me to observe you teaching and working with dogs and their people. The opportunity to see you in action was so valuable because you are at the top of your industry in knowledge and skill -truly at the master level. I believe that the quality of the training I received from you is far superior than I would have received anywhere else. I also benefited by working with your dogs, dogs being kenneled and with customer’s dogs.

As my training progressed you engaged me in each lesson and allowed me to apply what I was learning with variety of dogs and people. Having me step in to teach the lessons myself with your feedback was very helpful because it put me in a real world situation where I could improve more quickly. You put me in with easy dogs and easy people, but also in with difficult dogs and challenged owners. I felt that you always had my best interest in mind and offered many opportunities for me to learn and practice in a safe and controlled environment.

I am convinced that no other program would provide me with the level of training I received from you or with as many opportunities to get hands on practice with all dog breeds – with all dog problems. Your method has provided me with a solid foundation of dog training in a compassionate and humane way.

Although, with each dog and each owner I continue to learn, I am able to teach customers how to train and handle dogs with aggression/biting problems or just how to take the relationship with their dog to the next level through a solid communication connection, all while keeping it simple and true to the goal – to improve dog’s behavior by teaching people how to communicate with their dog in a way it understands.

Having completed your course I have started my own business and am on my way to building a well-known and respected school of dog training of my very own.

I thank you for being dedicated to my success and responsible in your sharing your talents with me. I will forever be grateful and feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to work along side and with the ROCKSTAR Ron Pace. Thank you so much.

Cara Putnam
Tacoma, WA

Roy Wright, D.V.M.2017-11-16T01:47:55-08:00

It gives me a great pleasure to recommend to you Canyon Crest Canine Training Center. Ron Pace at Canyon Crest is a dog trainer par excellence.

To my own knowledge he has rescued many dogs that were otherwise headed for destruction. I have on many occasions recommended dogs to his training expertise and have been immensely surprised at the reformation of these animals. I never hesitate to tell dog owners of Ron Pace’s abilities in rehabilitation of dogs which have moderate to severe training problems.
— Roy Wright, D.V.M.

Cathy Corrigan, DVM2017-10-26T18:37:01-07:00

I have an 18 month old Great Dane, named Yagi. We have been going to Ron Pace’s classes since Yagi was 3 months old, starting with puppy class, then basic obedience at 6 months, and controlled protection class starting at 12 months. Thanks to Ron’s training, Yagi saved me from a mugging, and potentially saved my life. Here is what happened:

Yagi and I were visiting a local state park in August. It was a nice day and the park was very crowded, people picnicking, swimming at the beach, sun bathing etc. I needed to use the restroom, and since Yagi is a rather large dog, I could not take her into the public restrooms with me. I put her in a down stay under a tree near the door to the ladies’ room, and went inside. As I entered the doorway, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and cried out. A man with a knife was waiting behind the door. I jumped away, and the next thing I knew, Yagi had rushed through the door, grabbed the man bu the arm and knocked him down. He lost his knife in the struggle. Yagi kept the man down until I was safely out the bathroom, then sat in front of the bathroom door and prevented the man from escaping. Another woman went and got the park ranger, who called the police. Yagi kept the man in the restroom until the police came and arrested him. The police reported to me that the man was not interested in robbery, he was interested in hurting someone.

Yagi’s behavior reflects Ron Pace’s excellent training in a number of ways:: 1. I was able to depend upon Yagi to stay where I put her, so I did not have to leave her in the car and I did not have to tie her to the tree.
2. Yagi knew how to respond when I was threatened, and she knew hot to stop when I asked her to do so – she was under control the whole time rather than just being vicious.
3. Yagi was able to stay and guard the door to the bathroom because she knew hot to watch and threaten without attacking.

Thanks to Ron Pace and his training program, I was able to avoid serious injury, and a potentially horrible experience turned out to be a rewarding one.

Thank you Ron.
Cathy Corrigan, DVM

Ken Sinibaldi, DVM2017-10-26T21:15:11-07:00

Ron Pace is and outstanding dog trainer and is responsible for the great relationship I have had with my dog Christopher (“Issy”) for the last 12 years. He has a great ability to train you to mold your dog into a delightful and obedient companion. I have referred countless clients to him over the years and have never heard of a negative experience. — Ken Sinibaldi, DVM


On Jan.25,2008 our life changed forever- our then 13year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and hospitalized for 4 days. Our carefree existence was replaced with constant vigilence, sometimes six insulin injections a day and a sadness that our youngest child would have a tremendous burden to carry for the rest of his life. After attending a diabetes conference, I observed a diabetic alert dog that was able to respond to changes in the handler’s blood sugar levels alerting her to check herself when she was out of her target range.From that moment forward I wanted to get a dog like this for Liam. On the internet,I located a woman who trained and placed German shepherds for diabetic alert work.

This is where it all began with me contacting Ron to ask for his advice and consultation with this German Shepherd service dog. Ron looked over the info and gave me some questions to ask of the breeder/trainer . When I emailed these questions to her- she decided that we couldn’t work together , I had doubted her, so she disappeared and after 9 months of communication so did our hopes for the diabetic alert dogl. I was devastated. When I told Ron what had happened after thinking it over he offered to help. He has trained dogs to do everything else and he took on the challenge of training a dog to detect low and high blood sugars. He told me he wanted to train a dog to help make my son have a better life and keep him safe.

Ron has dedicated his time, knowledge and resources to finding and training a diabetic alert dog for Liam. This has been a huge undertaking-not only did a 14 year old need to learn all the obedience commands and leash handling, but Ron had to learn all about diabetes and then find the appropriate dog for the job- in order to coordinate this specialized program for the diabetic alert dog training. He immersed himself in this mission. Working to build confidence in my son’s abilities while learning on our family dog
Ron has been focused, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. It was an amazing day when Ron called and told us he had found “the dog” a beautiful 10month old black lab, Max. He drove my son over two hours to the site in order to evaluate the dog’s abilities. Since that day, countless hours have been spent training Max on scent detection, obedience and public access. Ron’s son Jarod, became interested in the training of diabetic alert dogs and returned to the area to join the team to provide this type of training.Ron and Jarod even flew with us to Kentucky for further training on diabetes scent detection, public access and ADA law.

What a journey it has been, Ron has time and again demonstrated his expertise as a dog trainer, he truly can teach a dog to do anything and he can teach the person as well. Perhaps as impressive as this to me though, is Ron’s true caring and dedication to making life better for Liam. He has taken on the challenge to learn about Type 1 Diabetes and has translated this into what the dog must know . He has encouraged my son, and stood by him through low blood sugars, frustrations, and difficulties helping to mold him and Max as a team. I can not even begin to express my gratitude, what Ron has done for us quite literally has changed our lives and may well save Liam’s. Ron thanks for being an angel !

Lisa Kelly, PT
Certified Sensory Integration Specialist
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Board of Directors

Rachelle B2017-10-26T18:43:53-07:00

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in training my pound puppy, Jax. In 10 lessons, I went from not even being able to physically control him on a walk to now walking into the vet with a calm, well behaved dog that I\’ve always wanted! I was skeptical that 10 lessons would take care of our problems but they definitely have. You all have been fun, informative and I found myself looking forward with excitement for the next class. I also wanted to say thanks for the extra tips you gave me for my schnauzer, Mario. You guys all go above and beyond and I\’m looking forward to starting the group lessons!!!!!!

Rachelle B.
Tacoma, WA

Martha K2017-10-26T18:45:33-07:00

Just wanted you to know I was bragging about your program to my vet today. Actually, I didn’t even need to brag he could see for himself how Yoda was much more under control around the other animals in the clinic. I told him that had I tried Ron’s program 7 years ago I would still have the dog I got at that time and that a second dog would not have had to be euthanized for aggression issues. Your program was actually recommended to me 4 years ago but I didn’t try it for several reasons, one of which was the cost. As it turns out had I gone through the program at that time I would be several thousand dollars richer having not spent money on programs that didn’t work for me.

Martha K.
Olympia, WA

Chad Kiblinger2017-10-26T18:34:53-07:00

I would like to thank you and Bruce Jackson for all of your efforts when the Sumner Police Department began talking about starting a police K9 program. I contacted you and told you about the police departments desire to start the program. Approximately three weeks later you advised you had not only located a 2 ½ year old German Sheppard named Max, but had been in contact with a person that was willing to donate money to help the city start the program. After multiple meetings with the city, which you and Bruce Jackson attended, the Sumner Police Department had the start of a K9 program.

For the next three months, you and Bruce dedicated yourselves to Max and I’s success. I learned just how difficult it was to become a good K9 team. During the training you were professional and patient while I learned to communicate and read K9 Max. I was always amazed at how you always had an answer and solution for my questions and concerns. After many long days and nights of training I began attending training with the Pierce County Metro teams. Because of your training, K9 Max and I transitioned into Metro with confidence and the knowledge to succeed as a working K9 team.

It was very apparent during my time with both of you, that you do not just train dogs, you teach people to communicate, read, and anticipate their K9’s behavior. Using these techniques K9 Max and I became a certified Washington State K9 team and part of the Pierce County Metro K9. Without your diligence, knowledge and commitment, this would not have been possible. You are truly a one of a kind trainer!

Thank you for all your help,
Officer Chad Kiblinger

Phil Dodson SSG, USA (Retired)2017-10-26T18:35:36-07:00

I had the privilege of meeting Ron early in my career as a military working dog handler stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Once I began training with Ron it was clear while observing, listening and participating in training with him, I really had lot’s more to learn about the world of Police K-9.

Ron’s knowledge of training Police Service Dogs and the training methods he employs are matched by few. His ability to get a dog to perform without using harsh methods is simply amazing.

By Ron pointing out simple mistakes that I was making during training and assisting me in correcting them, I was able to convert my partner MWD “Rex” from just an average K-9 on the street to an outstanding partner. MWD “Rex” compiled several captures while we were assigned together and is also credited with saving my life!

Thanks again for all the assistance provided over the years Ron, it was really appreciated.

Phil Dodson SSG, USA (Retired)
Ft. Lewis, WA

Sean McDaniel2017-10-26T18:31:28-07:00

When I first considered going through training to become a dog trainer, I talked to many people with locations all over the USA. I was willing to travel to other parts of the country to learn the trade. After all the discussions with different schools though, I found you to be both down to earth and practical in your methodology and training philosophy. The training was very thorough and I enjoyed the “apprentice” atmosphere rather than formal classroom training. It is my belief that all the nuances of dog training demand that a student function as a apprentice to a master dog trainer like yourself-simply reading books, watching videos or sitting in a classroom could not accomplish the same understanding for the student who desires to be a quality dog trainer.

Further, I appreciated your desire to have us not only learn everything that we could about the world of dog training but to also succeed in our own successful business. You have been generous in referring clients periodically to me and through some of my own efforts I have built a substantial client base that has generated many referrals. In fact, I earned back the cost of your training program in the first five months of starting my business.

I enjoy helping people with their dog training needs and, while every dog can benefit from this training, I really enjoy using your training methodology to help people with “problem” dogs. The changes that have resulted in the dogs and families that I have worked with are truly miraculous. Most of my clients have worked with previous trainers with little result. Many of my clients make dramatic coments like “he is a totally different dog” and “it’s so much easier living with our dog now”. I ascribe these great results to both the training I received at your school and the unique and functional methodology that you have developed over your many years of training dogs and trainers.

Once again, thank you for your training program, your integrity and your unique methodology that has given me the opportunity to help so many people with the problems that they have with their dog’s behavior.

Sean McDaniel
Seattle, Washington

Vana Ingram2017-10-26T18:32:09-07:00

Anyone thinking of becoming a professional dog trainer should definitely consider taking Ron Pace’s Trainer/Instructor Program.

I first came into contact with Ron in 1985 when I got my first dog, a German shepherd, and was looking for a trainer who had a lot of experience and would be humane yet firm. Ron came very highly recommended, and from the first time I met him and saw him working with dogs, I was sold. He has a talent that goes beyond knowing the mechanics of training. Ron has an inner sense of how to “read” dogs. His innate ability enables him to make corrections and encouragements that are meaningful to the dogs, but he’s also able to take that skill and impart training information effectively to his clients and his student trainers.

A few years ago, through volunteer work at a local shelter, I decided I wanted to learn how to help other people train their dogs. By then I’d been very happy with Ron’s training program for over fifteen years. It had helped me in all aspects of living with my own dogs. I never doubted that he was the trainer I wanted to have teaching me.

While taking Ron’s dog trainer course, which I was able to schedule in a flexible time frame that worked for me, I benefited not just from his expertise, but also from his well-established client base and his first-rate training facility. I had the opportunity to observe and work “hands on” with many different types of dogs – different with regard not just to breed, but to age, temperament, and specific owner concerns. Under Ron’s guidance I was able to learn to tailor my training approach so that I was prepared for different situations I might encounter. I also learned how to evaluate and train puppies, how to conduct group classes, and how to deal with various client issues. After the time I spent with Ron I felt well prepared to help others with their dogs.

In Ron’s office there is an entire file full of letters and testimonials from people he has helped. They don’t exaggerate. He truly is an expert in dog training and handling, and knows how to pass his knowledge on. If you want to be the best you can be in this field, you can’t do better than to learn this profession from the person I, and many others, consider one of the best trainers around.

Julia Allen, DVM2017-10-26T18:38:22-07:00

Rowver was given to me by my friend Linda who trains dogs for hunting. I was out of the country for half of his first 12 months, so she trained him to retrieve and hunt – and he was very good at it – he has an unbelievable nose.

Rowver was very obedient with Linda in the field, but when he came to live with me – in the city, on a leash – it was difficult for me to contain his high powered energy. I tried a variety of collars and leads (choke, pinch, halty, etc.) but none of them gave me the obedience I wanted.

So I decided that Rowver needed a “job.” I do not hunt or have an interest in Field Trials, so decided to train him for Urban Search and Rescue with FEMA – he could use is nose to find people instead of birds, his directional training to search a desired location, and his high energy to do it for a 12 hour shift.

I located a local group that trained for FEMA, and took Rowver to an agility session. Rowver was quickly out of control – he became over-stimulated by all the excitement, went berserk, and ran head-on into a wall. Though not seriously injured, I was crushed that I had let this happen to my Rowver.

I started training him on my own – at 5 am, in the dark when there were no distractions. He was great at this, but at some point we needed to be out in the daylight with other people – and then his high energy and my lack of training in obedience became obvious – we were quickly out of control again.

My colleague Cathy recommended Ron Pace – she had taken several of her dogs through his obedience training. When I asked her “why Ron?” she said “because it works””.

And it does. Rowver was a whole different dog after just the first private lesson. Rowver is now in his 3rd year with Ron. I work him almost entirely off-lead. When we attend training sessions and testing for his FEMA certification as a Disaster Search Dog, he is the Star of Obedience and Direction-and-Control. He follows my every move, and the crowd goes wild – they compliment me, and they clap for Rowver.

I now have a wonderful, well-trained working dog that may one day be called upon to save lives.

Julia N Allen, PhD, DVM
Emergency Management Veterinary Services – Seattle WA

Randy Valentine DVM2017-10-26T18:39:03-07:00

As a practicing Veterinarian, I have known Ron for 30 years. I have seen, in the course of my work, many dogs and their owners who have been through Ron’s program. He has built a successful reputation and training program fueled by his knowledge, patience, experience and enthusiasm. It has been gratifying to see him accomplish his goals. He loves what he does and it is obvious.

My wife, Carol, took our first Shepherd through his program several years ago, and is now on our second one. Ron will go the extra mile when needed, and really connects with his clients. He is unusually competent as a trainer and a pleasure to work with.

Randy Valentine DVM


When my husband and I adopted Ginny, a Chow/German Shepherd cross at the Humane Society, she was already 6 years old and we had no information about her background prior to her arrival at the pound 3 months earlier. We soon discovered that she was probably mistreated in her past and as a result, she showed aggressive tendencies toward some strangers. She knew some of her basic commands, but I had never taken a dog through obedience training and had no idea the best ways to reinforce her positive behavior and correct the negative behavior. We began researching various dog-training programs in the area and were very interested in the training methods at Canyon Crest K9. After speaking with Ron over the phone about Ginny’s unpredictable aggression toward strangers, he assured me that the Canyon Crest program would help teach me techniques to work with her and that it would give us the tools that we were looking for to modify her behavior. Before committing to the program, we wanted to see how it worked, so we set up an appointment to watch another dog’s one-on-one training session with Cara Putnam. Seeing Cara’s calm approach to training the dog handler as well as the dog really convinced us that this was the right program for us. When I started the training, I thought that Ginny was going to get most of the training, but I was wrong. The program really focused on teaching me the correct way to handle my dog and to make the subtle corrections that Ginny quickly learned to follow. I can’t say enough about how great Cara and Ron were during training sessions. Their calm, confident instruction helped me become a better pet owner/handler and helped to correct Ginny’s erratic behavior. One of the most memorable lessons we had was the session where Ron taught me how to get Ginny to come to me, while off-leash, on a single command. When he told me to let her off her leash for the lesson, I just knew it was going to be a disaster and that we were going to spend the 30-minute session chasing her down to get her back. However, by the end of the lesson, she was coming to me without hesitation. My husband and I were both shocked at how little time it took to achieve such amazing results. I truly believed that Ginny would never come to us on command, but now she does. The group sessions have been a tremendous benefit in our continuing training. The lessons we learned during the initial one-on-one classes are reinforced with every session, and it allows me an opportunity to train Ginny around other people and dogs in a controlled environment. Ginny’s behavior has improved tremendously and she is a much happier, more responsive dog. The training continues, and I realize that her training (and mine) are a long-term commitment that take dedication, consistency, and time.

Tacoma, WA

Mary N2017-10-26T21:13:45-07:00

I want to thank you for everything. To have a dog come when called is such such an important lesson. It is great to be out on a walk and not to have to worry about him going towards another dog…it is wonderful! To be total control is what I’m striving for and I know I will get it with daily training and the group classes.

Mary N.
Tacoma, WA


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