When I made the decision to go into training dogs, I did some serious research around where to learn this art. Having gone thru some dog obedience training before with my own dogs, I knew that there were many techniques and philosophies around training. Not only are there many approaches to dog training, there are just as many ways that a person can receive this knowledge.

I appreciated that you were open and willing to talk to me about the training, letting me know your expectations and what I could expect from the course. When visiting you, to talk about the possibility of taking your course, I was impressed with the facility, your professionalism, and your obvious love and caring about dogs. I was most impressed with the fact that you were interviewing me as much as I was interviewing you; sizing me up to see if I had the personality, direction, and the right desire to go into this line of work. It was obvious that you did not automatically take on just anyone who was interested in dog obedience training; whether I met the guidelines or not, I really respected your commitment to excellence.

Being a person who learns by “hands-on” experience, I was very grateful that this was your approach in teaching. Your knowledge is vast and I feel fortunate in having had the opportunity to learn from the best. Your belief that you teach the owner to communicate with their dog, setting foundations and stressing that this is a life commitment to being a good dog owner, is important.

I feel blessed with the gift that you have given me and want to thank you!

Jeri Lynn Vosburgh
Tacoma, WA