I have an 18 month old Great Dane, named Yagi. We have been going to Ron Pace’s classes since Yagi was 3 months old, starting with puppy class, then basic obedience at 6 months, and controlled protection class starting at 12 months. Thanks to Ron’s training, Yagi saved me from a mugging, and potentially saved my life. Here is what happened:

Yagi and I were visiting a local state park in August. It was a nice day and the park was very crowded, people picnicking, swimming at the beach, sun bathing etc. I needed to use the restroom, and since Yagi is a rather large dog, I could not take her into the public restrooms with me. I put her in a down stay under a tree near the door to the ladies’ room, and went inside. As I entered the doorway, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and cried out. A man with a knife was waiting behind the door. I jumped away, and the next thing I knew, Yagi had rushed through the door, grabbed the man bu the arm and knocked him down. He lost his knife in the struggle. Yagi kept the man down until I was safely out the bathroom, then sat in front of the bathroom door and prevented the man from escaping. Another woman went and got the park ranger, who called the police. Yagi kept the man in the restroom until the police came and arrested him. The police reported to me that the man was not interested in robbery, he was interested in hurting someone.

Yagi’s behavior reflects Ron Pace’s excellent training in a number of ways:: 1. I was able to depend upon Yagi to stay where I put her, so I did not have to leave her in the car and I did not have to tie her to the tree.
2. Yagi knew how to respond when I was threatened, and she knew hot to stop when I asked her to do so – she was under control the whole time rather than just being vicious.
3. Yagi was able to stay and guard the door to the bathroom because she knew hot to watch and threaten without attacking.

Thanks to Ron Pace and his training program, I was able to avoid serious injury, and a potentially horrible experience turned out to be a rewarding one.

Thank you Ron.
Cathy Corrigan, DVM