Over the past six years I have completed your dog training course with both of my dogs and found that the experience ignited a childhood passion of mine; working with dogs. In a not so odd turn of events, I found my position as a Corporate Trainer eliminated and I was faced with having to find another job. I became interested in combining my experience in training people with my love of dogs and knew that you offered an instructor course that would put me in a position to become a dog trainer and start my own business.

Before and during my participation in your program I contacted almost every trainer/training facility listed in the phone book to compare and contrast methods and to look for opportunities to become a certified dog trainer. First of all, I found a variety of training methods out there that were “squishy” and maybe more for the owner who just wanted to have fun. Your method on the other hand is natural, basic and perfect for owners who want to be able to have control of their dog in any situation. In other words – training for the real world. In addition, I found that no one offered an instructor program as comprehensive and practical as yours. The few places that have an instructor program offer months of theoretical learning followed by a short apprenticeship phase.

I also found a program (offered by a well-advertised behavior college) that seemed very comprehensive at first glance – it even had an 800-page textbook! Upon closer examination I found that the program was designed to be completed within 60 weeks, most topics provided in an in-home study format and, that the actual hands on “apprenticeship phase” at the end would only include 15 hours to 3 weeks of actually working with a mentor, observing and participating in lessons with dogs. As a trainer I know that adults need a context within which to learn that you can’t find in a textbook and we need hands on experience to master a new skill. I found the hands on approach I was looking for at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center. Your program is also unique in that it taught me not only how to train dogs but also, how to instruct others how to train their own dogs. This will allow me to be more marketable and grow my business in a broader scope.

Once I started your Instructor Course I realized that training my own dogs and training someone else to train their dog were two totally different things. For that reason your one-on-one apprenticeship approach was right on target for me because this kind of training is very specific and unique. The most valuable part of the training was the many hours you provided me to observe you teaching and working with dogs and their people. The opportunity to see you in action was so valuable because you are at the top of your industry in knowledge and skill -truly at the master level. I believe that the quality of the training I received from you is far superior than I would have received anywhere else. I also benefited by working with your dogs, dogs being kenneled and with customer’s dogs.

As my training progressed you engaged me in each lesson and allowed me to apply what I was learning with variety of dogs and people. Having me step in to teach the lessons myself with your feedback was very helpful because it put me in a real world situation where I could improve more quickly. You put me in with easy dogs and easy people, but also in with difficult dogs and challenged owners. I felt that you always had my best interest in mind and offered many opportunities for me to learn and practice in a safe and controlled environment.

I am convinced that no other program would provide me with the level of training I received from you or with as many opportunities to get hands on practice with all dog breeds – with all dog problems. Your method has provided me with a solid foundation of dog training in a compassionate and humane way.

Although, with each dog and each owner I continue to learn, I am able to teach customers how to train and handle dogs with aggression/biting problems or just how to take the relationship with their dog to the next level through a solid communication connection, all while keeping it simple and true to the goal – to improve dog’s behavior by teaching people how to communicate with their dog in a way it understands.

Having completed your course I have started my own business and am on my way to building a well-known and respected school of dog training of my very own.

I thank you for being dedicated to my success and responsible in your sharing your talents with me. I will forever be grateful and feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to work along side and with the ROCKSTAR Ron Pace. Thank you so much.

Cara Putnam
Tacoma, WA