When I first considered going through training to become a dog trainer, I talked to many people with locations all over the USA. I was willing to travel to other parts of the country to learn the trade. After all the discussions with different schools though, I found you to be both down to earth and practical in your methodology and training philosophy. The training was very thorough and I enjoyed the “apprentice” atmosphere rather than formal classroom training. It is my belief that all the nuances of dog training demand that a student function as a apprentice to a master dog trainer like yourself-simply reading books, watching videos or sitting in a classroom could not accomplish the same understanding for the student who desires to be a quality dog trainer.

Further, I appreciated your desire to have us not only learn everything that we could about the world of dog training but to also succeed in our own successful business. You have been generous in referring clients periodically to me and through some of my own efforts I have built a substantial client base that has generated many referrals. In fact, I earned back the cost of your training program in the first five months of starting my business.

I enjoy helping people with their dog training needs and, while every dog can benefit from this training, I really enjoy using your training methodology to help people with “problem” dogs. The changes that have resulted in the dogs and families that I have worked with are truly miraculous. Most of my clients have worked with previous trainers with little result. Many of my clients make dramatic coments like “he is a totally different dog” and “it’s so much easier living with our dog now”. I ascribe these great results to both the training I received at your school and the unique and functional methodology that you have developed over your many years of training dogs and trainers.

Once again, thank you for your training program, your integrity and your unique methodology that has given me the opportunity to help so many people with the problems that they have with their dog’s behavior.

Sean McDaniel
Seattle, Washington