I had the privilege of meeting Ron early in my career as a military working dog handler stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Once I began training with Ron it was clear while observing, listening and participating in training with him, I really had lot’s more to learn about the world of Police K-9.

Ron’s knowledge of training Police Service Dogs and the training methods he employs are matched by few. His ability to get a dog to perform without using harsh methods is simply amazing.

By Ron pointing out simple mistakes that I was making during training and assisting me in correcting them, I was able to convert my partner MWD “Rex” from just an average K-9 on the street to an outstanding partner. MWD “Rex” compiled several captures while we were assigned together and is also credited with saving my life!

Thanks again for all the assistance provided over the years Ron, it was really appreciated.

Phil Dodson SSG, USA (Retired)
Ft. Lewis, WA