Dear Ron,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank-you for the help in locating K9 Lobo for me and the assistance in my training about two years ago.

After diligently searching for that “just right ” K9 partner and about forty dogs later, I was turned on to your expertise by other police canine handlers in the area. I contacted you and expressed my needs to you in a K9 partner. Within a month I received that phone call from you that you’d found that partner for me. When I went to your kennels to view that K9 candidate for me, I knew instantly he was the dog for me.

I took K9 Lobo home with me that night and began the bonding process with him that makes us inseparable today. Though I trained with several other police K9 trainers, I still returned to your facility for specific training those other trainers couldn’t provide. You helped me tremendously in fine-tuning K9 Lobo into the success that he has proven to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office and the community he serves. Still, two years later, when I run into behavior problems with K9 Lobo I turn to the techniques I was taught by you in the beginning. That basic foundation in training is something not only I employ with K9 Lobo, but also with other agencies and handlers I currently train with. Often, when suggesting some of your techniques to these other K9 handlers and their dogs I’m asked “where did you learn that”. The techniques work and have been passed on to other handlers as well. Yes, I even give you the credit some of the time!
To date, Lobo has been responsible for fifty-plus felony captures and no doubt has been a deterrent to other potential volatile situations by his presence at the scene of various situations. When I’m asked by the general public where they can get training for their dog, I always refer them to your training facility because I know they’ll be satisfied.
I have enclosed a photo of Lobo and myself. I’m very pleased with the finished K9 Team you helped to mold, as well should you. Thanks Ron for all your help in the past and in the future.


Mark W. Merod, Deputy Sheriff
Mason County Sheriff’s Office