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Randy Valentine DVM As a practicing Veterinarian, I have known Ron for 30 years. I have seen, in the course of my work, many dogs and their owners who have been through Ron's program. He has built a successful reputation and training program fueled by his knowledge, patience, experience and enthusiasm. It has been gratifying to see him accomplish his goals. He loves what he does and it is obvious. My wife, Carol, took our first Shep...  Read More »

~ Randy Valentine DVM. Seattle, WA
Julia Allen, DVM Rowver was given to me by my friend Linda who trains dogs for hunting. I was out of the country for half of his first 12 months, so she trained him to retrieve and hunt - and he was very good at it - he has an unbelievable nose. Rowver was very obedient with Linda in the field, but when he came to live with me - in the city, on a leash - it was difficult for me to contain his high powered energy. I tried a variety...  Read More »

~ Julia Allen, DVM. Seattle, WA
Ken Sinibaldi, DVM Ron Pace is and outstanding dog trainer and is responsible for the great relationship I have had with my dog Christopher ("Issy") for the last 12 years. He has a great ability to train you to mold your dog into a delightful and obedient companion. I have referred countless clients to him over the years and have never heard of a negative experience. -- Ken Sinibaldi, DVM...  Read More »

~ Ken Sinibaldi, DVM. Seattle, WA
Cathy Corrigan, DVM I have an 18 month old Great Dane, named Yagi. We have been going to Ron Pace's classes since Yagi was 3 months old, starting with puppy class, then basic obedience at 6 months, and controlled protection class starting at 12 months. Thanks to Ron's training, Yagi saved me from a mugging, and potentially saved my life. Here is what happened: Yagi and I were visiting a local state park in August. It was a nice day a...  Read More »

~ Cathy Corrigan, DVM. Seattle, WA
Roy Wright, D.V.M. It gives me a great pleasure to recommend to you Canyon Crest Canine Training Center. Ron Pace at Canyon Crest is a dog trainer par excellence. To my own knowledge he has rescued many dogs that were otherwise headed for destruction. I have on many occasions recommended dogs to his training expertise and have been immensely surprised at the reformation of these animals. I never hesitate to tell dog owners of Ron Pa...  Read More »

~ Roy Wright, D.V.M.. Tacoma, WA
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