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Sharon S. Dear Ron, 3 months ago, you saved my dog's life and saved me a lot of heartache. Before I heard about Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center, I called a veterinary clinic to make an appointment to have my Golden Retriever/mix, put to sleep. I adopted the dog, who I named Niki, from a foster shelter. Before arriving at the shelter, she spent the first 5 months of her life on a farm with her litter-mates where she ran ...  Read More »

~ Sharon S.. Tacoma, WA
Marty D. Dear Ron, Carl and I want to thank you for training us. Over the years we have owned many dogs and with each new dog went through the whole obedience training system, but each time with someone else. We tried many systems, from the very rigid military type of training to the more relaxed, get in touch with your dog's inner feelings type of training. Nothing we had tried previously seemed to work. Our dogs final...  Read More »

~ Marty D.. Tacoma, WA
Betty P. Dear Ron, For the past few years I've been meaning to write and tell you what a wonderful companion my German shepherd, Cindy, has become since we took your obedience course. When I first contacted you, Cindy was absolutely unmanageable, as least as far as I was concerned. Although less than two years old, she weighed over 80 pounds and was a big, strong dog with a mind of her own. Walking her on a leash was ...  Read More »

~ Betty P.. Tacoma, WA
Tacoma News Tribune It doesn't only happen in the movies. In "The Natural" Roy Hobbs had a gift for baseball. He also had a tool, his bat "Wonderboy". Ron Pace is also a natural. Pace has a gift for dog training. He also has an aid, His dog Jake. Jake the Wonder Dog! Quote-The Tacoma News Tribune...  Read More »

~ Tacoma News Tribune. Tacoma, WA
Florence S Dear Ron, Almost every time I'm with my dog I think of you with appreciation. Your patience has been rewarded more than you realize. I feel quite sure that if the owner were as trainable as the dog your work would be much easier. I still have much to work on. She no longer nips at anyone, and certainly minds me much better. I highly recommend your training and your tape. To view your tape occasionally is a good...  Read More »

~ Florence S. Federal Way, WA
Dorothy C. Dear Ron, I just wanted to write you a short line and let you know that your training method solved my biting problem with my dog. I am very happy to have been able to continue showing him. I will definitely refer anyone that has this type of problem to you. Sincerely yours, Dorothy C., My -Ida-Ho Kennels, Lewiston, ID....  Read More »

~ Dorothy C.. Lewiston, ID
Charmie G. Dear Ron, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you have an instruction program that doesn't use punishing or abusive training. I lost two dogs through incorrect training. The first dog went through a very strict punishing training that used hitting as a correction and not much praise. The dog minded well but he turned mean and unpredictable. We got rid of him when he bit my two-year-old son. With my sec...  Read More »

~ Charmie G.. Tacoma, WA
Ron H. Dearest Ron, Can't tell you enough just how impressed and enthusiastic we all are with you and the training we are receiving at the Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center. I believe that you and your training philosophy and practices by far exceed any that I have ever come across! If we can ever be of any help or assistance in helping you to promote your endeavors there at Canyon Crest, please let us know! One (fa...  Read More »

~ Ron H.. Tacoma, WA
Wendy C. To The Undecided: I had taken my dog Maggie to training elsewhere for a month and at the end she could only sit and mildly obey walking on a leash. You may pay more for Ron Pace's Canyon Crest K-9 Training program, but in one months time you learn more than you would in six months training elsewhere! Maggie has stopped jumping the fence, digging up our yard, and comes when you call her. I am amazed at how quickly ...  Read More »

~ Wendy C.. Tacoma, WA
Ralph S. The main purpose for bringing my dog to Canyon Crest was to learn how to control my dogs aggression towards other dogs. Dr. Roy Wright our vet told us about you training program. He has seen the results of the program numerous times and he is sold on your training program. Ralph S. Tacoma,WA...  Read More »

~ Ralph S.. Tacoma, WA
Pauline O. My dog was having issues with other dogs when she was in her territory She now listens to me. Everything we have learned at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center makes our time together better. I will continue with the group lessons so we can get an even better foundation. Pauline O. Roy, WA...  Read More »

~ Pauline O.. Roy, WA
Brooke G. I had good dogs, now I have great dogs! We needed some polishing done. My dogs are at work with me everyday and to know that I have control over them in any situation is very important. I now feel that I can take my dogs anywhere without worry. Brooke G. Browns Point, WA...  Read More »

~ Brooke G.. Browns Pint, WA
Megan B. I brought my dog to train with you because he needed more than what I could give him at 4-H or home. I wanted to explore different methods of dog training. This is a great program and I really learned a lot from it. I really liked how you focus on proper corrections as opposed to the use of strength and force. I will definitely incorporate my training at Canyon Crest into my 4-H training. Megan B. Gig Harbor, WA...  Read More »

~ Megan B.. Gig Harbor, WA
Carol T. Because of my mother's critical illness and my car accident, I had been unable to train my dog at an early age. He was spoiled and dominate. He has improved so very much. Everyone seems to love and respect him. No more jumping on people or pulling on the leash during our walk. I can even pass yippy dogs without a great big struggle. I already knew my dog had a lot of potential, but I wanted others to see the "good bo...  Read More »

~ Carol T.. Tacoma, WA
Cathy W. We had been going to an excellent trainer in Southern California with our various dogs for 11 years. Max had successfully completed basic obedience with intermediate and advanced obedience as well as agility. After we moved to Washington, Max was not getting worked much and had developed some aggression issues that resulted in biting incidents. Without more training none of us were going to survive Max's adolescence ...  Read More »

~ Cathy W.. Port Angeles, WA
Inga Grounds are clean, nice place & environment. The expense was well worth it compared to all the other programs out there. Inga...  Read More »

~ Inga. Tacoma, WA
Jacob L. After completing the 10 private lessons I have seen a great deal of change and attitude in my dog's behavior. Without training I would probably be pulling my hair out in frustration. I now am stating to enjoy the beginning of what is going to become a great relationship with my dog. Jacob L. Tacoma, WA....  Read More »

~ Jacob L.. Tacoma, WA
Mary N. I want to thank you for everything. To have a dog come when called is such such an important lesson. It is great to be out on a walk and not to have to worry about him going towards another is wonderful! To be total control is what I'm striving for and I know I will get it with daily training and the group classes. Mary N. Tacoma, WA...  Read More »

~ Mary N.. Tacoma, WA
Lori When my husband and I adopted Ginny, a Chow/German Shepherd cross at the Humane Society, she was already 6 years old and we had no information about her background prior to her arrival at the pound 3 months earlier. We soon discovered that she was probably mistreated in her past and as a result, she showed aggressive tendencies toward some strangers. She knew some of her basic commands, but I had never taken a dog ...  Read More »

~ Lori. Tacoma, WA
Martha K. Just wanted you to know I was bragging about your program to my vet today. Actually, I didn't even need to brag he could see for himself how Yoda was much more under control around the other animals in the clinic. I told him that had I tried Ron's program 7 years ago I would still have the dog I got at that time and that a second dog would not have had to be euthanized for aggression issues. Your program was act...  Read More »

~ Martha K.. Olympia, WA
Rachelle B. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in training my pound puppy, Jax. In 10 lessons, I went from not even being able to physically control him on a walk to now walking into the vet with a calm, well behaved dog that I\'ve always wanted! I was skeptical that 10 lessons would take care of our problems but they definitely have. You all have been fun, informative and I found myself looking forward wit...  Read More »

~ Rachelle B.. Tacoma, WA
Liam On Jan.25,2008 our life changed forever- our then 13year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and hospitalized for 4 days. Our carefree existence was replaced with constant vigilence, sometimes six insulin injections a day and a sadness that our youngest child would have a tremendous burden to carry for the rest of his life. After attending a diabetes conference, I observed a diabetic alert dog that was able to...  Read More »

~ Liam. Gig Harbor, WA
Melanie S I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you for all the hard work you have done with me and my German Shepherd, Indigo. I knew when I finally decided that a German shepherd would be the best fit for me and my life that I would need to spend a lot of time with it. All the books and people told me to do a lot of work socializing, exercising and training the puppy and I would truly have a companion animal- n...  Read More »

~ Melanie S. Tacoma, WA
John M Ron and Staff I just wanted to let you and your staff know how impressed I was and still am with your training program. Every aspect of your operation, from your website, to your training facility, to your no-nonsense approach to the very intense 1/2 hour sessions is the essence of professionalism. Your training philosophy and care shown during these sessions has helped me greatly in learning how to communicate ...  Read More »

~ John M. Tacoma, WA
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~ tt. tt, AL
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~ Test. Miami, FL
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