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Vana Ingram Anyone thinking of becoming a professional dog trainer should definitely consider taking Ron Paceís Trainer/Instructor Program. I first came into contact with Ron in 1985 when I got my first dog, a German shepherd, and was looking for a trainer who had a lot of experience and would be humane yet firm. Ron came very highly recommended, and from the first time I met him and saw him working with dogs, I was sold. He ...  Read More »

~ Vana Ingram. Seattle, WA
Sean McDaniel When I first considered going through training to become a dog trainer, I talked to many people with locations all over the USA. I was willing to travel to other parts of the country to learn the trade. After all the discussions with different schools though, I found you to be both down to earth and practical in your methodology and training philosophy. The training was very thorough and I enjoyed the "apprentice" at...  Read More »

~ Sean McDaniel. Seattle, WA
Cara Putnam Over the past six years I have completed your dog training course with both of my dogs and found that the experience ignited a childhood passion of mine; working with dogs. In a not so odd turn of events, I found my position as a Corporate Trainer eliminated and I was faced with having to find another job. I became interested in combining my experience in training people with my love of dogs and knew that you offered...  Read More »

~ Cara Putnam. Tacoma, WA
Rita Walsh I have been a dog owner for several years and I became interested in dog training in 1983. I began taking dog obedience lessons but was not totally satisfied with the knowledge or the technique of the instructor. Then in 1985 I went to Ron Pace at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center for obedience training. Ron's enthusiasm and professionalism immediately impressed me. After training under Ron, I developed a desire to be...  Read More »

~ Rita Walsh. Colorado Springs, CO
Janet Hersey Iíve known Ron Pace for many years and have witnessed over and over his skillful ability using his leash and collar technique to train and communicate with dogs. Ron teaches the owners how their dogs learn, what they are thinking and why they are doing what they are doing. With Ronís guidance, owners are able to better understand their dogs through their body language. Ron trains owners to train their dogs. I ...  Read More »

~ Janet Hersey. Tacoma, WA
Jeri Lynn Vosburgh Dear Ron ~ When I made the decision to go into training dogs, I did some serious research around where to learn this art. Having gone thru some dog obedience training before with my own dogs, I knew that there were many techniques and philosophies around training. Not only are there many approaches to dog training, there are just as many ways that a person can receive this knowledge. I appreciated that yo...  Read More »

~ Jeri Lynn Vosburgh. Tacoma, WA
Kelli Bornander When I was sixteen years old I came to Canyon Crest with my family to meet our new German Shepherd puppy. When he was about 10 weeks old, I brought him back for puppy preschool classes. That was my first taste of dog training and I loved it! However, it would be another eight years before I returned to Canyon Crest. After two years of college out of state I was very eager to get a dog; life just didnít feel complet...  Read More »

~ Kelli Bornander. Tacoma, WA
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