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John M
John M

Ron and Staff

I just wanted to let you and your staff know how impressed I was and still am with your training program. Every aspect of your operation, from your website, to your training facility, to your no-nonsense approach to the very intense 1/2 hour sessions is the essence of professionalism. Your training philosophy and care shown during these sessions has helped me greatly in learning how to communicate with my beloved four legged companion, Zelda.
As you know, my main reason for coming to you was my inability to clip Zelda's toenails without her snarling, lunging and actually nipping at me whenever I tried. Though costly, your one on one session that would directly address this issue seemed worth it and as it turned out was worth every penny. By the end of the one on one sessions, you had me clipping Zelda's nails without her even batting an aggressive eye at me. In addition to this very all important accomplishment, I have also learned communication skills that I never dreamed of before that has changed the way Zelda and I interact with each other. In as much as this is a work in progress and there is much more to accomplish, you and your assistant Janet have given me the tools I feel are necessary to keep Zelda and me learning and growing together for many years to come. I look forward to seeing you at your group sessions this coming weekend.

Thank you.

John M
Tacoma, WA

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