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Melanie S
Melanie S

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you for all the hard work you
have done with me and my German Shepherd, Indigo. I knew when I finally
decided that a German shepherd would be the best fit for me and my life that
I would need to spend a lot of time with it. All the books and people told
me to do a lot of work socializing, exercising and training the puppy and I
would truly have a companion animal- not just a dog. It was also mentioned,
time and time again, that a GSD is a dog that needs to be around his people-
not left alone for hours and hours.
In order for me to be able to do that, I realized that I would need someone
to show me how to train my new buddy. I wanted to be able to take him
anywhere- and that I was not meeting very many dogs that seemed able to do
that. Also, I was realizing how many people have very negative reactions to
German shepherds. While I have experience with animals, it was a long time
ago. So when I started asking all my new dog friends about training, I was
given your name and number.
We did puppy class- which was great fun. Indigo (and all the puppies)
started getting so excited when we would get close to Canyon Crest. They
knew it was fun-playing and treats and pats from everyone. We learned
simple, clear directions for starting the basics- and lots of tips for the
everyday stuff, such as tips on chewing and nipping, how to be the boss
-gently- and how to get this partnership off the ground right.
We started the private and group lessons at 6 months. Indigo was so smart
and willing- most times I was the one struggling to coordinate my hands and
feet and voice! But we soldiered on- practice, practice, practice-taking a
deep breath at our first group class; well, I did anyway. I just knew we
would not be able to do as well as all the others; they looked so calm and
cool. But we did fine- Indigo thought it was great fun! We received our
CGC (Good Canine Companion dog) title when Indy was 13 months old- his only
challenge being the down stay when I left the room for 3 minutes- he whined
(those German Shepherds!). We won our AKC CD title at 16 months- passed 3
trials in 3 days!
Now, 2 years later, Indigo is an amazing animal- smart, calm, loyal, aware
and a joy for everyone to be around. He and I participate in the off-leash
obedience classes at Canyon Crest- in fact; he is off-leash most of the time
wherever we go. He goes to dog parks, stores, peoples homes, dog shows- you
name it, I can take him there. I can trust him and he trusts me-that is an
amazing gift to receive from such an intelligent dog. He is well mannered,
aloof but very approachable; in fact, he will put up with just about
everything and everybody. And while I put in the time and tried to do it
right, the one that taught me how to do it was you (and Cara). You have
made it possible to be so happy with Indigo that I will never have anything
but a German shepherd and train with you. Your training methods are
adaptable to the personality of the dog and owner; you realize that not
everything will work for every situation, and yet we all end up with the
same results! You have given me the tools to correct and teach, the
knowledge and awareness of my dogs behaviors and attitudes, and best of all-
how to make life comfortable and fun for both Indigo and I. I refer people
to you frequently and will continue to do so. I often have folks comment on
what a well mannered, calm dog Indy is- and they are surprised by how young
he is! To those people who tell me that it is way too much money for dog
training- I ask them if they are happy living with their dog, if there are
any issues they cannot fix, if they want a dog that can go anywhere and
behave- what is the cost of that?! How much does the chewed furniture, the
broken fence, the lawsuit for having an aggressive animal cost? Lots more
than training!
Indigo and I thank you forever.

Melanie S
Tacoma, WA

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