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Janet Hersey
Janet Hersey

Iíve known Ron Pace for many years and have witnessed over and over his skillful ability using his leash and collar technique to train and communicate with dogs. Ron teaches the owners how their dogs learn, what they are thinking and why they are doing what they are doing. With Ronís guidance, owners are able to better understand their dogs through their body language. Ron trains owners to train their dogs.

I became personally involved with Ronís instruction program when I took three dogs through training over the past five years. As a foster mom for the Humane Society I had the opportunity to adopt two dogs. Both dogs had their own issues. Our rescued field spaniel had been severely abused by her first owner. She was aggressive towards men including my husband and son. Through Ronís method of training, his ability to read and understand dogs, Tawny has left her turbulent life in the past and is now a trusting, loving and loyal dog. We are blessed to have her in our lives. I fostered our second dog, Cinder, since she was three days old. When she started to show signs of dominant behavior at an early age, I started her in Ronís puppy classes and, at six months old, adult dog obedience lessons. She is now two years old and is a healthy, smart and extremely energetic dog. Through the training program we have learned to check her dominant behavior and I have learned to read her every move. I know what she is thinking and can act on it if need be.

Ron is a brilliant dog trainer and a true professional. His talent and gifted ability to read and communicate with dogs is incredible. I have been involved with animals all my life and spent many years grooming and showing dogs. Having recently completed Ronís training course with all three of my dogs and loving every part of it, I knew I wanted to train. I wanted to make a difference and take it to the next level. Furthering my abilities would enable me to not only help dogs but ultimately help people was well.

I researched other types of training methods but nothing came close to the level of training Ron provides in his program. Completing Ronís instructor trainer program has been everything I hoped for and more. The trainer program is intense and comprehensive. I spent hours watching and finally had an opportunity for hands on training. I progressed through the program and experienced many different dogs and a variety of personalities including aggression, dominance, shyness and fearfulness. The next part of the instructor program is spent learning how to teach owners to actively participate in training and work with their dogs. Ron places a high importance on ensuring the owners one on one involvement in the program so that they are better able to learn to communicate with their dogs.

Ronís program is not only challenging but gratifying. I have experienced owners who deeply love their dogs but are frustrated, at times to tears, at the inability to even walk their dog on a leash. Through commitment and dedication, I am looking forward to working with the owners and their dogs to build a quality relationship and hopefully a positive life changing experience for both.

Janet Hersey
Tacoma, WA

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