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Charmie G.
Charmie G.

Dear Ron,

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you have an instruction program that doesn't use punishing or abusive training. I lost two dogs through incorrect training. The first dog went through a very strict punishing training that used hitting as a correction and not much praise. The dog minded well but he turned mean and unpredictable. We got rid of him when he bit my two-year-old son. With my second dog, Buddy, I was afraid training would turn him mean also and I only taught him housebreaking, sit, lie down, and come (if he wasn't chasing something) It wasn't enough. He was chasing something and got hit by a car.

This time I am doing it right, instead of just training to do things you are training me how to get past the frustration of disobedience without hitting or yelling. I thought you had to force a dog to do what you wanted, yet watching how easily you get a dog to want to do what you tell him changed my attitude. I realized I needed the training as much or more than the dogs.

I really appreciate my training. Thank you, Ron.

Charmie G., Tacoma WA

Charmie G.
Tacoma, WA

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