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Betty P.
Betty P.

Dear Ron,

For the past few years I've been meaning to write and tell you what a wonderful companion my German shepherd, Cindy, has become since we took your obedience course.

When I first contacted you, Cindy was absolutely unmanageable, as least as far as I was concerned. Although less than two years old, she weighed over 80 pounds and was a big, strong dog with a mind of her own. Walking her on a leash was next to impossible. Around the house, she tore up everything in sight. During the few months before her training, she destroyed the linoleum on the kitchen floor, chewed up a sofa, tore a door in half, and ripped up part of the deck. Even worse, she refused to mind and nipped at the heels of my guests and me to herd us wherever she wanted us to go. I'd tried obedience courses, but there was little improvement in her behavior. You were my last resort. If you couldn't help us, I knew I'd have to give her up.

Fortunately, your training taught me how to handle her. Almost overnight, she turned into a loyal, obedient dog. Now she comes instantly when I call and clearly enjoys doing what I ask. When I have visitors, she's the perfect lady. After she's said hello, she lays down and minds her own business-no more nipping at the heels and barking every time someone stands up.

Your methods really work. I can't tell you how much a joy Cindy has brought me since we've had the benefit of your training. I'd recommend your course to anybody who wants a happy obedient dog.


Betty P., Tacoma WA.

Betty P.
Tacoma, WA

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