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Marty D.
Marty D.

Dear Ron,

Carl and I want to thank you for training us.

Over the years we have owned many dogs and with each new dog went through the whole obedience training system, but each time with someone else. We tried many systems, from the very rigid military type of training to the more relaxed, get in touch with your dog's inner feelings type of training. Nothing we had tried previously seemed to work. Our dogs finally learned to behave, but we never felt very confident and the dogs never seemed to enjoy either the instructors or the training.

We started Scuba (our Labrador Retriever) with you when he was a puppy, in your puppy training class and then moved on to individual lessons, first for Carl and then for me, and then on to your group classes. At first we thought that your system (which is very no-nonsense) would be a repeat of what we'd experienced before. But in fact it was very different. You focused on training us so that we could train Scuba, a whole new concept for us. Lab's are wonderful dogs, but very headstrong. We wanted him to be a good citizen, fun to be around and under control when needed- and at the same time not lose any of his wonderful personality. Well it has been a huge success! We have a very happy, confident dog. Scuba is now 18 months old, we walk him every day, meet other dogs and people, and under all the many circumstances that we've run into, we feel confident that we are able to handle the situation, thanks to your training.

Scuba is your biggest fan. Whenever we drive down River Road- he gets really excited- hoping that we will go see Ron and have some fun. By the way, Scuba is always getting compliments on his beautiful coat- thanks to the great dog food you recommended.

Marty D.

Marty D.
Tacoma, WA

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