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Vana Ingram
Vana Ingram

Anyone thinking of becoming a professional dog trainer should definitely consider taking Ron Paceís Trainer/Instructor Program.

I first came into contact with Ron in 1985 when I got my first dog, a German shepherd, and was looking for a trainer who had a lot of experience and would be humane yet firm. Ron came very highly recommended, and from the first time I met him and saw him working with dogs, I was sold. He has a talent that goes beyond knowing the mechanics of training. Ron has an inner sense of how to ďreadĒ dogs. His innate ability enables him to make corrections and encouragements that are meaningful to the dogs, but heís also able to take that skill and impart training information effectively to his clients and his student trainers.

A few years ago, through volunteer work at a local shelter, I decided I wanted to learn how to help other people train their dogs. By then Iíd been very happy with Ronís training program for over fifteen years. It had helped me in all aspects of living with my own dogs. I never doubted that he was the trainer I wanted to have teaching me.

While taking Ronís dog trainer course, which I was able to schedule in a flexible time frame that worked for me, I benefited not just from his expertise, but also from his well-established client base and his first-rate training facility. I had the opportunity to observe and work ďhands onĒ with many different types of dogs Ė different with regard not just to breed, but to age, temperament, and specific owner concerns. Under Ronís guidance I was able to learn to tailor my training approach so that I was prepared for different situations I might encounter. I also learned how to evaluate and train puppies, how to conduct group classes, and how to deal with various client issues. After the time I spent with Ron I felt well prepared to help others with their dogs.

In Ronís office there is an entire file full of letters and testimonials from people he has helped. They donít exaggerate. He truly is an expert in dog training and handling, and knows how to pass his knowledge on. If you want to be the best you can be in this field, you canít do better than to learn this profession from the person I, and many others, consider one of the best trainers around.

Vana Ingram
Seattle, WA

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